The American Diversity Initiative was the outcome of a two-year collaboration between the following organizations and is designed to provide comprehensive diversity and inclusion workplace training.

Our Commitment, Approach & Values

Our founders are dedicated in helping companies benefit the power of diversity, equity, and inclusion training strategies through the American Diversity Initiative.

DEI training and organizational risks are correlated. Failure to implement a DEI strategy may harm an organization’s growth and can result in potential risks like the following –

  • Reputational risks and recovery expenses
  • Unhappy, unproductive employees
  • Non-diverse/Homogenous workforce

Our approach combines our expertise in education and policy along with the 
procedural due diligence to design a customized DEI training plan for your organization.

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Eral Burks

Eral Burks

Eral is the Founder & President Minority Executive Search Co-Founder & Partner Minority Executive Search International .

Eral is committed to fostering diversity in the workplace. His forward-thinking philosophy has been published in renowned publications such as Black Enterprise, Ebony, and CFO Magazine.

He has participated on diversity issue panels for companies and conferences such as National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), the National Association of Black MBA (NBMBA), and National Association of African Americans in Human Resources (NAAAHR) National Society of Hispanic MBA (NSHMBA).

BA Degree from Dyke College, Attended the Tuck Executive Education at Dartmouth and graduated from The Diversity Center of NEO in 2014.

Heather Connelly

Heather Connelly

Heather is one of North America’s most respected leadership search executives. Heather brings over 30 years of executive search and consulting experience throughout the broader public and non-profit sectors.

She is the co-founder of the 30% Club in Canada to advance more women in publicly listed corporations, crown corporations, large charities, and private sector corporations.

Heather has a high level of expertise in the broader public sector (not-for-profit organizations/charities, universities, colleges, school boards, regulatory bodies, municipalities, crown corporations, and healthcare organizations.

She is a former Partner with KPMG, Heidrick & Struggles (Head of Not-For-Profit Practice), and Caldwell Partners.

Why Choose ADI?

Online Learning is a smarter way of managing education and compliance regulations. An easy to use, affordable and instantly deployable Learning Managing System reduces admin and puts compliance and outcomes at the forefront. Students can readily access their own training courses 24/7 from inside or outside of work and their records are portable. You will get to know what your people are really learning and improve learner engagement.



1) Courses

Our online courses are reviewed and updated regularly to ensure that content is accurate and the learning experience is user-friendly, engaging, and practical.

2) Employer Accounts

Employer accounts make it easy to order and distribute training, track individual and group progress, and manage training records

3) Self-paced

True self-paced learning enables participants to learn the material at the rate best for them. Users can leave the course at any time and will be returned where they left off next time they in.