DEI Training for Athletes

DEI Training for Athletes

Diversity, inclusion and respect in sports is vital. Young athletes represent their sports, sports organizations, schools, and communities. It is very important for them to treat other players, coaches, officials, and spectators with respect and always behave appropriately both on and off the field.

By embracing DEI principles, athletes can harness the power of diversity to drive innovation, enhance team unity, and maximize their potential on the field.

DEI Training for Athletes, a self-paced learning course is designed with the objective to enable young athletes develop a deeper understanding of acceptable and unacceptable attitudes and behaviours, identify practical ways to support an inclusive, respectful sport environment and navigate diverse team dynamics. This program helps in identifying and addressing issues of discrimination, promoting equal opportunities and understanding diverse perspectives of athletes on the field.

Most participants will be able to complete training within 30 minutes.

What participants will learn in this online course: