Unconscious Bias Workplace Training

Unconscious Bias Workplace Training

We all have biases. While we are conscious of some, others are deeply embedded in our sub-conscious without us even realizing it. If we left them unattended, it could hinder logical decision-making and create an unhealthy work environment where respect and opportunities are not valued. 

Our training delves deep into the subconscious mind, unraveling the biases we unknowingly carry and providing practical strategies to overcome them. Providing employees with unconscious training is a promising step towards fostering a diverse, respectful and inclusive workplace.

This training program is designed to bring awareness, understand the hidden biases that shape our thoughts/actions, and lead with inclusion in mind. It will help a user understand what unconscious bias is, how it affects our decisions and how we manage it at our workplace. Unconscious Bias Workplace Training is a self-paced program with engaging modules and interactive exercises that helps participants gain a deeper understanding of why it occurs and what actions can be taken to mitigate its consequences.  

Join us on this transformative journey and embrace the power of unbiased thinking.

This course is also available in French through our Employer Accounts

Most participants will be able to complete training in less than 30 minutes.

What participants will learn in this online course: