Custom Solutions

Select the perfect DEI training strategy for your company

Organizations looking for customized DEI training solutions can choose from our selection of three programs and kick start their journey towards building a diverse and equitable workplace. Seamlessly transition between levels with our hassle-free, cost-effective process. We also provide guidance and resources to support your journey towards achieving your goals.

Our goal is to protect your company from litigation and reputational harm. To mitigate the reputation risks associated with DEI-related incidents, we advise companies to pro-actively invest in diversity and inclusion training courses and make a significant commitment to pursue it in the long term.

Our customized DEI training plans can not only help you achieve your objectives but also improve employee productivity and attract diverse talent. Prioritizing diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace can promote overall well-being and growth for your employees.

With the help of our diversity professionals and subject matter experts (read bios here), we can design scalable diversity plan and custom-made dashboards that align with your business needs.

Together, let's pave the way for change and make a difference!



Educate employees on all the aspects of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). Includes free access to our resources, employer accounts and reporting interface. The training programs are available for purchase on the courses page both for individuals and groups. The more people you educate, the higher the discount level.


Customize your diversity education strategy with corporate branding, key personnel messaging, corporate policies and tailored resources. Our advanced solution gives the flexibility to build the customized packages of certification courses from the various diversity and inclusion titles we offer, including the company's compliance processes.

Qualifying companies who have a starter solution with us will be upgraded at no cost.


American Diversity Initiative will partner with you to manage your DEI training strategy. We design custom-made DEI learning journeys tailored to your organization and scale up the strategy as needed. Our trusted experts would help you determine the right approach for your organization and guide you every step of the way.

In order to assist you in selecting the most appropriate DEI training solution that aligns with your business requirements and objectives, we have created a concise comparison chart, which can be found below.

What’s Included

DEI Solutions
Diversity and Inclusion Courses
Access to online resources
Employer management console
Employer discounts on training
Regular reports to track progress
Monthly newsletter
Custom DEI Step by Step compliance process
Branded portal, content, certificates
Live support
Corporate Policies/procedures sign-off system
Custom corporate and supplier portals
Customization of Forms and Waivers
Support with recruiting and hiring
Full corporate DEI content review
Record Integration with current HR systems

* The enterprise solution is quoted based on exact need

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