Employer Accounts

Employer accounts are the perfect solution to your diversity and inclusion training challenges.

Distribute DEI training via automated emails. Track progress on your FREE administrative console. Create reports in minutes.

Employer Accounts are the perfect solution for small and medium size organizations. There are no set up fees and we offer discount pricing to all Employer Account users.

Want to make DEI training an ongoing part of your employee onboarding? This is the perfect solution. Your records are well-organized, you can train new people immediately, and your employer account discount applies to every purchase.

Why set up an employer account?

An employer account takes the stress out of managing DEI training.

Your employer account includes a FREE online console where you can order and distribute training, track individual and group progress, and manage DEI training records. And you don’t need any special tech skills to make it all work!

You get a discount on all of our diversity and inclusion courses.

Employer accounts qualify for a discount of 20% or more on each of our DEI course titles. And you qualify for an employer account with as few as 10 participants.

Training units never expire so there’s 0% waste.

A unit of training is not considered used until someone signs in and sets up their student account. So, you can purchase units of training when it matches your budget and use those units when it matches your training needs.

You don’t need a designated training time or space.

Individuals can train from work or home, using any computer, tablet, or smartphone. They can start training whenever they like and work at their own pace. And we provide tech support to every student – so you don’t have to.

DEI Training Course Catalog

Unconscious Bias Workplace Training

We each have unconscious biases and we take these biases to work with us. Left unaddressed, they undermine logical decision-making and contribute to a toxic workplace culture.

This course helps learners identify common types of biases, recognize their own biases, and consider ways to mitigate the negative effects of biases in the workplace.

DEI Training for the Workforce

DEI is about embracing the many ways we differ from each other. This includes factors like ethnicity, culture, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and sexual identity.

This course focuses on acceptable and unacceptable workplace behaviors and practical ways to foster respectful workplaces.

LGBTQIA+ Inclusion in the Workplace

LGBTQ2+ diversity and inclusion training is an important step on the pathway to creating an inclusive workplace culture where everyone feels safe and respected.

This course helps participants understand the history of LGBTQ2+ communities, and the terms and phrases associated with LGBTQ2+ identities.

DEI Training for Volunteers

Your volunteer workforce should be diverse and inclusive and all volunteer workers should feel safe and respected.

This course focuses on acceptable and unacceptable behaviors, and ways to foster a positive, inclusive environment within the context of volunteerism.

DEI Training for Athletes

Young athletes must treat other players, coaches, officials, and spectators with respect at all times.

This training helps young participants think about their behaviors and the behaviors of others, and identify practical ways to support an inclusive, respectful sport environment.